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I'd rather have the reds than the blues.

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Day 119: Nice View Day 119 I could go on . . . but I'm just too relaxed.

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Day 118: After Dinner Drink Day 118

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Day 117: A Little Something Day 117 I found this small piece of art -- all made of paper -- at a cute little shop on the coast of Georgia. I love it and am wondering how the heck anyone does that. Impressive.

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Day 116: Gotta Have Faith Day 116

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Day 115: Lunch on a Limb Day 115 Osprey grabbing a little snack before heading back to the nest.

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Day 114: Perspective Day 114 A macro perspective has me seeing a landscape where I've never seen one before.

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Day 113: The Music Man Day 113

Today's brush with greatness: listening to world-famous local legend, entertainer and songwriter Brent Burns, perform and charm the crowd. 

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Day 112: After the Rain Day 112

Raindrops on roses . . .

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Day 111: Daily Reminder Day 111

I see this on my mirror every morning. I'm grateful for Monday's miracles, tiny as they were. 

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Day 110: Take Your Pick Day 110

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Day 109: My Captain Day 109

It was a fun afternoon on the water with this guy. Captain Rick did a great job of keeping us away from the storms.

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Day 108: Old Time Pottery Day 108 This is my version of old time pottery. Made in 1988 by my friend Steve Burrow of Sea Oat Studio in Gulf Shores. Could that really be 30 years ago? I still love it.

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Day 107: Cruising Through the Sunset Day 107

It was a beautiful golden sunset in my neighborhood tonight.

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Day 106: Gilligan and Mary Ann Day 106

 . . . also known as Michael and Jessica. Enjoying the 4th of July on the bay.

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Day 105: Kid of the Day Day 105

There were many, many cute kids out tonight enjoying all the holiday fun at The Wharf. This colorful cat was my favorite.

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Day 104: Thank you, April  

Day 104

April gave me this journal years ago and it surfaced again a couple days ago. Then yesterday, she shared a message of gratitude with me. Today it's my turn. I am constantly inspired by April for so many reasons. And I am grateful for her friendship, all the good she sends out to the people around her, to her community and into the universe.

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Day 103: Waiting Out the Storm Day 103

Drama over the water.

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Day 102: Alabama Beer Day 102

Drink local! There's a lot to choose from among Alabama's breweries' beers. Tastes great and feels good to support local businesses. And yes, I did just happen to have these in my fridge.

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Day 101: Swaying in the Breeze Day 101

The sea oats have really popped out in the last week or so. In bloom, they are such a beautiful addition to the beach landscape and I love watching them (and photographing them) go from green to gold through the summer and into fall.

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